Mariah Carey’s Ex-Husband in Memoir: ‘Yes I Was Obsessive’

Even though Mariah Carey has previously described her marriage with Tommy Mottola as a “private hell,” the noted recording industry executive does not look at it that way. In a new memoir to be released next week, Mottola admits to have been obsessive with Mariah Carey and offers somewhat of an apology (while taking full credit for her success).
“If it seemed like I was controlling,” he writes in an excerpt from the book, “I apologize. Was I obsessive? Yes. But that was also part of the reason for her success.”
According to Mottola, who documents their relationship from start to finish in the memoir, his therapist warned him not to pursue Mariah Carey. In fact, he says she told him that Mariah was not his equal – mentally, emotionally or professionally.
“I can only now wonder about the expression on my therapist’s face when . . . she saw Mariah thank God for that first Grammy, and then Tommy Mottola for believing in her,” he writes. “She could no longer call me delusional.”
As noted during the early years of Carey’s career, Mottola took control of everything and put Carey through what she described in interviews as “hell.” Today, he doesn’t regret making sure that she kept working, taking no breaks.
“My feeling was that there’d be plenty of time for Mariah to celebrate just a little ways down the road,” he writes. “I’m not talking 10 years, just a few.”
Tommy Mottola’s memoir, “Hitmaker,” is due Tuesday, Jan. 15, just one day before Mariah Carey makes her television debut on “American Idol.”
Below is a description of the book in its entirety…
“HITMAKER recounts how a kid from the Bronx–and a college dropout–became one of the music industry’s most creative and controversial CEOs. For the first time, Tommy lays bare the facts behind the most sensational aspects of his life, such as being married to and developing the career of Mariah Carey, managing Michael Jackson’s emotional ups and downs, and the power struggle with his onetime boss and mentor Walter Yetnikoff. HITMAKER will take you inside this world of power, money, and fame as he recounts the fascinating dealings with countless icons, and what it was like to be at the top when the business suddenly changed. Tommy’s story is one that will never be duplicated–and here it is, in his own voice, for the first time.” — Grand Central Publishing.