Brandy On ‘Cloud Eleven,’ Offers Ring Close Up and Details Proposal

Brandy is so happy to be engaged and it showed during an interview in Las Vegas earlier this week. Speaking of the actual proposal, Brandy admits that she said “Oh my God” so much, she forgot to say “Yes!”
“It was a surprise but I felt (like) something was going to happen, but it was definitely a surprise because your imagination does the actual moment no justice,” Brandy shared with Pop Stop TV. “I said “Oh my God” so many times I forgot to say yes.”
Calling the moment magical, hoping that feeling never ends, Brandy feels like her soon-to-be hubby, Ryan Press, is the man “God has created” for her to “be with.”
“I’m happy. I’m on cloud eleven. At one point, I gave up on love. So to have this feeling, for it to feel like the first time with the person that I feel like God has created for me to be with, it’s just magical. I want it to stay like this,” said Brandy.
In related news, Brandy is happy for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, who are expecting their first child together.
“I’m very happy for Kim and very happy for Kanye. They just look so happy (together),” said Brandy.
Watch Brandy’s full interview in video below…