Frank Ocean May Be Sued by Father for $1 Million

The phrase “more money, more problems” may be ringing in Frank Ocean’s head right now. The phenomenon of family members coming out of the woodwork when one finds financial success is a common one, and Ocean is sensing the open hands.

Recently, Ocean blasted on Twitter that his father wants to sue him for $1 million. “Father wanna sue me for a million. like I owe him back child support. weak individual bought me a Swiss knife at 6yrs old then dipped on me,” he tweeted. Not delving into the reason about the need for a lawsuit, Ocean added “i got his DNA, maybe I inherited some of his karma too.”

Not much is publicly known about Frank’s paternal unit, but he mentioned his absence in the song “There Will Be Tears,” from his 2011 mixtape nostalgia, ULTRA, and back in June when he tweeted, “Just found out my absent father’s been cyber stalking me, hi dad.” Ocean was raised in New Orleans by his mother Katonya Breaux Riley.

Even though the reason isn’t publicly known for the alleged lawsuit, it’s clear that part of the motive is to get a cut of that green. We’ll see how this unfolds…