Keyshia Cole Insulted at Requests to Open for The Weeknd

Keyshia Cole held out on performing at her hometown station 106 KMEL’s House of Soul concert this week after being asked to open up for R&B newcomer The Weeknd.

Cole, the four-time Grammy nominated multi-platinum selling artist was offended at the request and decided to pull out once the station refused to allow her to headline. Though she pulled out, the station went ahead and continued to promote the event using Cole’s name as one of the performers for the night, which of course angered Cole and her fans, leading the songstress to vent on Twitter about her feelings on the Oakland station demanding she open up for a newer artist.

EVERY F-CKING YEAR I do something major for my city! @KMEL has the nerve to tell me at the last minute they want me to open for the Weeknd. Then @106kmel tells us at last minute if I don’t then there’s no show! Then still uses my name when I refuse! I feel so f-cking disrespected

And now people in Oakland think I Flaked!!! #STRAIGHTBULLSH-T! The only reason I’m speaking, don’t people thinking i flaked.

No disrespect to the weekend. Why the hell would @106KMEL ask me to open for him in My home town! Where I give back! Where IM FROM! #NO

After years off making music in this industry and five albums under her belt, Cole continued to expressed her need to take a stance.

This industry is built off of relationships, respect, blood sweat and tears. Work to get where u want to be and hold that down!!

Pardon me. That was words of encouragement to myself! #Boss

And after The Weeknd’s fan questioned Cole’s decision, the Woman to Woman singer finished her point off with this:

You hoes should take notes! You don’t STAND for something, you will FALL for anything! #AngryBirds