Nicki Minaj Hopes For Hip Hop, R&B Winner on ‘American Idol’ ?

Could “American Idol” crown its first Hip Hop winner or maybe the next Fantasia or Ruben Studdard this season ? Nicki Minaj is hoping for something like that after four years of winners that fit in genres like Country.
Claiming “I don’t know why” when asked why she thinks there has never been a Hip Hop winner, Minaj assured press there would be “something new” now that she is a judge.
“I’m pretty sure we’ll have something new and different this year,” Minaj shared during a press conference Wednesday.
While “X Factor” came close last year, with the talented teen artist Astro (The Astronomical Kid), “American Idol” has never quite gotten there or at least had an act that was of an undeniable caliber. With Minaj and Mariah Carey as judges maybe that will change things.
With all of the pressure and controversy surrounding her career at the moment, Minaj is really banking on “American Idol” and the contestants that appear to be “lighting up” her days.
“The contestants are lighting up my days. I didn’t think I would gel with them so much … it’s interesting that once you see these kids and how much they want it and you know it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, you really put your heart and soul into it. With the judges we’re having a lot of fun,” says Minaj.
“American Idol” premieres Jan. 16 on FOX.