Luke James – Whispers In the Dark

Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Luke James offers his latest mixtape “Whispers in the Dark,” a title which perfectly sums up the theme of this compilation. Running eleven tracks, the set dwells wherever there are dim lights and a door that’s capable of being locked.

“Oh God” stands out as one of the set’s highlights, showcasing a cool confidence in a love’s return. The sexy “Heartbeat” and “Strawberry Vapors” get poetically x-rated, and a song about avoiding drama is found in “The Blues,” which uses a “Martin” show sample over a traditional blues swing. “Mo’ Better Blues” is an emotional ballad that finds James having to choose between two women.

Predominately produced New Age Rock Star’s label head Danja, James’ flawless vocal performance leaves you hoping he saves up more hotness for his debut album!

Listen and download: