Write Or Wrong: Ne-Yo Talks Writers Versus Attractive Singers

Are there only two options for recording artists that want to see a certain amount of income ? According to Ne-Yo, you either write your music or you earn your money through endorsements — that is, if you’re pretty.
Speaking up about his own success, earning much of his income from writing songs, Ne-Yo says it would take someone, that doesn’t write their own music, a long time to receive a check.
“If you’re an artist who isn’t writing your own songs, it’s a little hot minute before you see any money,” Ne-Yo shares with Esquire. “Hopefully you’d be an artist who’s really pretty, so you can get a deal with a make-up company, or really stylish, so you can get a deal with a suit company.”
Looking back over his career, which includes hit songs like the in-rotation “Let Me Love You (Until You Learn To Love Yourself),” Ne-Yo says there is much more to be made from behind the scenes, than in front of the mic. That includes deals signed with major retailers, like Macy’s, or beverage ventures like Malibu Red.
“For me, money comes mainly from my songwriting. There’s absolutely more money behind the scenes than there is in front of them,” said. Ne-Yo. “Let’s just say if Malibu Red does well, I do well.”