Trackademicks & 1-OAK – Lovelorn: 2 Player Co-Op (FIRST LISTEN)

What do you get when you combine modern R&B vocals with 80s British pop hits? You get Lovelorn: 2 Player Co-Op, the latest EP from the Honor Roll Crew’s Trackademicks and 1-OAK. Rolling only five tracks deep, “Lovelorn” takes you to a place known to many: down a road of unrequited love. But with “Lovelorn,” you’re riding on fresh production, making the journey not so heart-breaking after all.

The collection takes 80s pop/indie songs and updates them, adding a modern twist while keeping it retro. “How Soon Is Now” grooves up the rock-infused The Smith’s original. The next three tracks infuses the music of the era of Jeri Curls and Jordache jeans with a contemporary flair. “Someone Great” souls-up LCD Soundsystem’s original. 1-OAK’s vocal delivery is reminiscent of Michael Jackson circa 1979 on the Wham! cover “Nothing Looks the Same,” while the compilation’s beatsmith Trackademicks enters with a verse. “Goodbye Girl” tackles the Go West ballad, and the package concludes with “Lovecats,” a funky rendition of The Cure’s popular tune. The hook’s infectious “da, da, da’s” will linger in your head for the rest of the day.

Dropping everywhere tomorrow (Dec 11), stream here first in full:

Also coming soon: our Q&A with TrackAdemicks & 1-OAK.