Wendy Williams Bares It All for PETA

Now, this isn’t R&B-related directly, but in our book, we deem it gossip-worthy.

Media mogul Wendy Williams makes a statement by posing nude to protest the ill-treatment of animals when purchasing and wearing fur. “We should all try to be comfortable in our own skin and let animals keep theirs,” says Wendy.

While tastefully done and for a notable cause, the comments have started to roll regarding the host’s photo. “Not her saying wearing fur is bad with all that Horse hair in her head,” one message-boarder said. “Her feet look like bear claws,” another added. “Doesn’t she kinda look like a lion?” someone else posted. But not all reactions are hilariously-criticizing. “Her body looks great. Get that publicity sis!” said one supporter. “She looks good. What’s with the hate?” someone else stated.

What do you all think?