Fantasia Slims Down: ‘This Is My Temple, I Have To Protect It’

Talk about a before and after. Soulful siren Fantasia Barrino has dropped quite a few pounds since her much-talked-about appearance on “American Idol” in May.
Appearing at the Soul Train Music Awards, which will be airing later this month on Centric, Fantasia talked about losing weight, working out and getting healthy for not only her family but for career purposes.
“I think for me it was having to go to the doctor with my grandmother and my young cousins, who have high blood pressure and things like that. I think being from the South, it’s what we put in our mouth. It’s good, but what we put in our mouth and what we season it with, in the long run, cannot be healthy,” Fantasia shared on the red carpet.
Looking forward, Fantasia believes being healthy will allow her to stay in the game for a long time.
“I want to be in the game for a very long time. Like Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin… for me, this is my temple. I have to protect it. I want it to look good, but I also want to be healthy at the same time,” said Fantasia.
Watch out for Fantasia when the Soul Train Awards air Sunday, Nov. 25 on Centric and BET.