Ciara Happy For Amare, Reveals Struggle With Music and Love

Ciara has once and for all cleared up any issues that people might think she has with NBA athlete Amare Stoudemire. According to Ciara, there is no animosity.
“I have to say, I’m probably more happy for her. I’m more happy for the woman because she’s been very, very, very patient. They’ve had a long relationship off-and-on for years and they have kids together and I think it’s important that if people can figure it out together with the mother and father, why not? So I wish them nothing but success on that,” says Ciara. “The crazy thing is, when I was like 19 years old, Amar’e actually courted me, just for a little bit, and it never turned into anything and we didn’t go far with it. We met again after my relationship that was before him, and he’s always been a nice guy.”
With all of that said about Amare, Ciara is focused on balancing her career and love in the future. Admitting that it is important to have someone to share everything with, Ciara says having a “baby or boo” is “icing on the cake.”
“I sacrifice pretty much all of my time for my career and there has to be a balance to it. What good is having success in your work but not being able to share it with someone? That’s not living to me,” Ciara shared with Necole Bitchie. “Having career success is important but having life success is even more important to me. Especially, now more than ever it’s a must. I look ahead and I look forward to knowing who I am going to spend my life with. I can go rock the stage, but to know when I go home, my baby or my boo is waiting for me, that’s fun and that is the icing on the cake.”
As previously reported, Ciara is gearing up for the release of “One Woman Army,” her anticipated debut with Epic Records.