Lady Gaga and Beyonce Go For Round 3, New Collaboration ?

Are Lady Gaga and Beyonce poised to dominate the music industry in 2013 ?
Following Beyonce’s confirmed halftime slot at the Super Bowl in February, news has broken that Lady Gaga is working on a part two to their celebrated collaboration “Telephone.”
Gaga confirmed the follow up to “Telephone” via Twitter earlier today saying it was a “fact” that it would be featured on her new album “ART POP.”
Even though she did not confirm Beyonce for it, it would be odd for her not to tap her considering they are both expected to drop new albums next year.
As seen before, Beyonce was eager to work with Gaga as well, taping her for the remix to “Video Phone” during the “I Am… Sasha Fierce” era.
Time will tell, but it’s not a bad idea for them to reconnect and deliver in 2013.