Trey Songz, Kelly Price Blast Mitt Romney After Presidential Debate

Did you see the debate last night ? If you were on Twitter at the same time you might have seen some very passionate tweets from celebrities including Chris Rock, Bill Maher and more. Taking to social media as well, R&B stars Trey Songz and Kelly Price had a few things to say… about Mitt Romney.
Keeping it straight to the point and direct, Trey Songz said “Mitt Romney ain’t sh*t” before retweeting Bill Maher saying “Romney is a fracking (freaking) liar!”
That said, it’s pretty clear last night’s debate was way more intense than the first debate, which saw the President taking a laid back approach. Even still, a lot of focus has been placed on Mitt Romney’s talking points, seeming inability to answer a question with “how” he is going to solve a problem, and whether or not what he said is true.
Taking in what Romney said, Kelly Price weighed in with some valid points. Check out some of her tweets below (for more you’ll have to go to her timeline, Kelly went in :-) ).
“Did Mitt Romney just tell the moderator how to do her job? WOW! If he can’t follow the SIMPLE rules of a debate can he disciplined enough to follow a plan and see it through?”
“Romney has the “stereotypical” tude of the rich&arrogant. My money says the rules aren’t 4 me they are for you. #Littlethingstellbigstories”
“We all knew it would take more than 4 years to fix what was so badly broken. Our economy didn’t dive in 2008. We’d been drowning for 8yrs… Governor Romney please sit down!”
“Governor Romney is a SPINDOCTOR!!! Gov Romney When you get EGG on your face bcuz your researchers got it wrong you don’t get CHANGE TOPICS!”
“Uh Romney..Ideal is a loving 2 parent family. Reality there are more 1 parent fams than 2 So help the single parents & get off ur hi horse!”
All of that said, Kelly Price is right about saying “Every1 has their opinion of who won the debate. At the end of the day there was only ONE President of the United States in the room tonite!”
One last thing… are you registered to vote ?