Marcus Cooper on Break Up with Bria Murphy: “It Hurt Me”

Singer Marcus Cooper (a.k.a Pleasure P) is known for singing slick bedroom tunes, but the singer let listeners in on his vulnerable side this morning on Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club Morning Show when he dished on his break up with Eddie Murphy’s daughter, model Bria Murphy. Unknown to many, the couple dated for about two years, and the break up may have inspired material on his upcoming self-titled album, Marcus Cooper.

The singer admitted he was heartbroken. “I’m not gonna play like…you know a lot of guys so swagged out they scared to say they sorry, I ain’t got nothing to hide. It hurt me,” he said.

The break up came about, he says, because she need personal growth. “I’m 27, she’s 22. She gotta live her life a little bit. I had the opportunity to do that when I was her age, so she got to live her life,” he explained, smashing the notion that the break up was over his child molestation allegations. “Everybody knows it’s not true so she stuck with me,” he said.

However, Marcus doesn’t say that his forthcoming album is directly inspired by his break up with Bria. “A lot of the songs I’m writing now are inspired by a break up, he said. “Something that I really been through.” But after calling it “the worst break up I ever went through,” we can probably implicitly assume it is.

Look for his album “Marcus Cooper” in January 2013.

Photo by: Bauer Griffin