Monica, Ex Rocko Fighting Over ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Casting?

Is R&B veteran Monica willing to pay a sum of money to keep her ex, Rocko, from appearing on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” ? While that is questionable, following reports of Rocko allegedly being selected for season two, both have said some pretty interesting things on Twitter and they seem to go hand in hand.
Celeb N’ Music broke the story last week regarding Rocko signing on to join Stevie J, Joseline Hernandez and more on the show. Shortly after, Monica tweeted the following message:
“Be very careful not to mistake the devil’s gifts for blessings. The devil knows how to grant u with what u want!! God grants u with what u need!! The righteous walk isn’t always easy but the end result is everlasting life,” said Monica. “Which do u choose ?”
While he did not say her name directly, Rocko tweeted “WHATS FOR ME IS FOR ME!!!!! YOU CANT STOP IT!!!!! I STAY PRAYED UP!!!!!”
VH1 has not confirmed or denied Rocko’s casting. Even with that said, would Rocko be willing to spill details on his relationship with Monica on the show ? Would that be his storyline ? Sources say he is signing on to help push his music, so the show would be a strong platform to give him a boost.
Nonetheless, “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” is due to return sometime next year.