Miguel Talks Marriage, Seven Year Relationship?

“Kaleidoscope Dream” singer Miguel not only has a new album in stores, but dreams of a wedding on his mind.
Speaking out during a televised interview Tuesday, the “Adorn” singer confirmed that he has been dating a special lady for about seven years and they are “absolutely” in love.
“I really want to make an honest woman of her and honest man of myself,” Miguel told Wendy Williams on “The Wendy Williams Show.”
Leaving it at that, Miguel moved on to his album after smiling about the prospect of tying the knot.
“I took a lot of risks this album. Expect it to be dynamic. Expect it to showcase my eccentricities. It really is a nod to the fact that R&B was an illustrious genre that really influenced (and a lot of people forget that). Before this decade, or the last fifteen years rather, R&B was funkadelic. It influenced Jimmy Hendricks. It put Hip Hop on. It put Rock on. Even groups like Hall & Oates, they were R&B… they were soul. All of them were different and experimental in their own ways,” said Miguel.
With songs like “Adorn,” Miguel says the album is true to the soul of the genre but is still very much experimental.
“What it is… it’s true to the soul of R&B, but it’s still experimental and explores my personality.”
“Kaleidoscope Dream” is in stores today Tuesday, October 2.