Is Idris Elba the First Pick to Portray Bobby Brown in Whitney Houston Biopic?

Despite wide opposition for a film of the life of the late Whitney Houston to take place so soon, it seems producers are currently on the search for a cast. Various online outlets are buzzing that actor Idris Elba is the main pick to play Bobby Brown, Houston’s ex-husband, because of Elba’s impressive acting chops. This choice proves to be controversial, as some people feel he’s too good looking and polished to portray Brown.

Producers are also throwing around the idea of Anthony Mackie for the role, who’s known for his portrayal of Tupac in “Notorious.”

Producers are also supposedly looking at legends James Earl Jones and Diahann Carrol to play Houston’s parents John and Cissy Houston, and Halle Berry or Jennifer Hudson to play Houston herself.

Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina has allegedly put her name in the basket to play herself, even though the filmmakers are focused on casting professional actors.

How do you all feel about this? Is too soon to be thinking about a movie? Who do you think should play each role?