Tameka Raymond Slams Usher’s Mother, Says She Failed on ‘ET’

Usher’s ex-wife Tameka Raymond disagrees with her former mother-in-law when it comes to the subject of attending her son’s wedding. Claiming when her children get married she will support them, Raymond says Jonetta Patton pretty much failed her son.
“When my sons marry I will definitely support their happiness,” Raymond said in a televised interview Wednesday.
As widely rumored, there has been much bad blood between both women, with some saying Tameka was involved in the firing of Usher’s mom. Taking on rumors about how involved his mother was, Tameka says she wasn’t involved in things that should matter.
“I’d say not involved enough. She was involved in some aspects maybe more than I would agree to, but not enough,” she tells ET. “When I say not enough you know, counseling and trying to keep a family together and encouraging your child to do the right thing. Things like that. That was where she was kind of hands off.”
As previously reported, Jonetta Patton spoke out about Usher’s marriage for the first time on “Oprah’s Next Chapter” earlier this month. During that interview she claimed that there were no regrets when it came to opting out of attending Usher’s wedding. She also said she knew where the relationship was going.
“I didn’t believe she was right for him…. I couldn’t (attend the wedding) because I knew it would be the space that we would be in for the last year. I just couldn’t embrace it,” said Patton. “I really could not and trust me, I struggled with it.”