Ne-Yo Forgave Ex, Clears Up ‘Behind The Music’ Controversies

Ne Yo did not agree to appear on VH1’s “Behind The Music” to bash a former love.
Speaking out via Twitter, Ne-Yo wants everyone to know he has forgiven Jessica White and wishes her and son, Chimere, well.
“I need it to be known that the purpose of my BEHIND THE MUSIC wasn’t to bash Jessica White. We were young, mistakes were made. I FORGAVE,” says Ne-Yo. “Holding grudges messes with your blessings. I do not hate Jessica White. I wish her and lil’ Chimere all the best where ever they are. LOVE.”
As seen on the hour-long special Sunday, Ne-Yo discussed his journey both personally and professionally. He also showcased music from the forthcoming album “R.E.D.,” which is due later this year.