Ne Yo and Monyetta Discuss Paternity Test, Love on ‘Behind The Music’

Ne Yo and Monyetta Shaw appeared a happy couple on “Behind The Music,” but the couple has had some tough times.
Reliving the good and bad, Ne-Yo says he couldn’t let Monyetta get away while she claims it wasn’t like meeting Ne-Yo the superstar. Instead being with Ne-Yo is like being with Shaffer Smith, a regular guy.
“It literally felt like we had known each other our whole lives,” Ne-Yo said on “Behind The Music” Sunday.
Shortly after the couple moved in together in 2010, Monyetta revealed news that she was pregnant. Bittersweet, the news was hard to take for Ne-Yo considering drama that had played out with an ex who birthed a son he thought was his. Even though it had been over three years since he had seen Jessica White and the boy he thought was his, Ne-Yo (with an extra push from his mother) asked Monyetta to take a paternity test.
“I was 100 percent terrified when I found out that “Mo” was pregnant. It instantly took me back to the whole Jessica White situation… I sat her down (and said) I just need you to know I’m over the moon happy but at the same time I’m scared because I can’t do that again. My heart can’t take that again. That was emotional for the both of us,” said Ne-Yo.
Even though she didn’t admit to feeling insulted, Monyetta said it was really hard to deal with his request.
“That hit me really hard. Like, I was shocked. Oh my gosh. I don’t like to talk about it,” she told VH1. “It definitely affected him and I didn’t like seeing him like that.”
Looking back now with two children, Monyetta Shaw went on to say “It was amazing to see him hold her (their daughter). He was so happy.”
Ne-Yo and Monyetta appeared on VH1’s “Behind The Music” Sunday.