Ne-Yo Admits ‘I Was Wrong,’ Ends Beef With Trey Songz

The Ne-Yo and Trey Songz beef is over.
Speaking out about a private conversation he and Songz had to end the beef over comments he made about the “depth” of Trey’s music, Ne-Yo says he was wrong to speak publicly instead of addressing Trey directly.
“We’ve hashed all that out. That ain’t even nothing to glorify or get into. The things that I said, it’s a conversation we (me and him) should have had privately before I went on the radio and said it,” Ne-Yo said over the weekend. “I’m a grown a** man that can stand up and admit I was wrong.”
Claiming Trey is his “homeboy,” Ne Yo says there is nothing but “love” going forward.
“I was wrong to speak on something about him that I hadn’t spoken to him prior about. That was wrong of me,” Ne-Yo tells BootlegKev. “That’s my homeboy. I got nothing but love for that dude.”