Is Nick Cannon Jealous of Mariah’s Friendship with Lenny Kravitz?

The rumor mill is abuzz with news that the friendship between rocker Lenny Kravitz and Mariah Carey has her husband Nick Cannon on the edge. The National Enquirer is reporting that ever since Mariah posted a photo of her and Lenny on Twitter in an attempt to get her fans to urge American Idol producer to hire him for the open judge seat, Nick has been slightly leery regarding the two working together.

The two have been friends for upwards of 20 years and allegedly have been secretly crushing on each other for a while. Supposedly, Mariah told him to chill since it looked as if Lenny was not going to be an Idol judge, and Nick said, “That’s not the point! I know how you feel about him!”

But Nick has denounced the jealousy rumors on Twitter. “It’s funny how the media just make up stuff. They said i’m mad because my wife suggested @LennyKravitz for idol. That’s our Fam! #idiots,” he tweeted.