Sammie – Insomnia

The long awaited mixtape from Sammie is finally here for your listening pleasure. The boy-turned-man-singer/songwriter is ready to re-introduce himself to the world as the prince of R&B. The free sixteen track album is a snapshot of the thoughts that resulted in many sleepless nights. Track after track shows the vulnerable thoughts of a man contemplating the situations that life has dealt him.

“This project is the deepest countenance of myself,” said Sammie. “I’ve learned that when I’m being true to my core, which is R&B, I’m most inspired, creative and vocally ambitious. It’s time for me to shine and I plan to reach new fans and please my dedicated ones with this project.”

He continues: “My fans have been supportive throughout my career and I’m giving them a piece of me through my music. Without fans I’d be nowhere and I’m thankful to be in a position to show my appreciation.”

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