Boyz II Men Saves Charles Barkley From Butchering Their Song

Looks like a great night was had by all at Lucky B’s in Raleigh a few days ago. This has to be the best karaoke spot ever.

First, Charles Barkely and Boyz II Men are there. Then Barkley goes up to sing, and as the first measures of Boyz II Men’s classic “End of the Road” begin, it’s scary to imagine what’s to come, as Barkley is a known jokester. Doing his best, the ex-NBA star butchers the song as to be expected, but Shawn Stockman and Nathan Morris of Boyz II Men enter from the crowd with mics and save their song from further violation. At the end though, the crowd joined in for the chorus, and the performers hugged all in good fun.

Check out the cell phone footage below: