Brandy Shoots Down Engagement Rumors

Whoops! A radio station falsely announced yesterday (Aug 23) that Brandy and her love Ryan Press has gotten engaged. In an influx of congratulatory tweets and well-wishes, Brandy quickly took to Twitter to set the record straight: “Starz, I’m not engaged..Lol. You guys would have been the first to know after my fam bam! Trust me, I would have tweeted the ring. #soon,” she tweeted.

She told Ebony earlier this year that she’s looking forward to the day when she can say she’s Mrs. Press. “I wish we were engaged. He’s taking a little long on the ring side of things, but I’m patient,” she said.

These two are so much in love that surely she will shout it out to the world when it does happen, we just have to keep our eyes and ears on Brandy herself, the main source.

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