Yeasayer Frontman Labels R. Kelly ‘Piece of Sh*t,’ Praises Frank Ocean

Chris Keating, frontman of popular band Yeasayer, believes Frank Ocean is one of the best things that could have happened to R&B in recent years. On the other hand, Keating also believes Ocean should usher R. Kelly and anyone like him out.
“I think he [Ocean] is a good new face for the R&B world right now, to kind of usher out – no pun intended – some of these folks. Because, let’s get real, R.Kelly is a terrible person,” Keating told Rolling Stone this week. “I like R.Kelly and how crazy he is, but he’s a terrible piece of sh*t, a horrible person, really bad all around. Let’s get rid of him. Let’s gay it up a little [in R&B].”
While what he said about R. Kelly is surprising, Keating has been inspired by many an R&B artist including Aaliyah. In fact, he says Aaliyah inspired new music on the band’s new album “Fragrant World.”
“Some kids in my high school were doing a step routine [to ‘Are You That Somebody’],” he said. “I was really not into mainstream music at the time – 1997-1998 – but the more I listened to Aaliyah, the way-weirder it was than the Sonic Youth record that came out around the same time, mostly because of her very futuristic and unexpected production. That realization was really exciting, and it’s just stuck with me since then.”
In related news, R. Kelly is set to tour the U.S. in support of his latest album “Write Me Back.” Dates have not yet been announced.