Is The Aaliyah Posthumous Album Getting a Hesitant Green Light?

Ever since the song “Enough Said” was released, the appetite of Aaliyah fans went from craving, to full blown hunger. The well received Drake-featured track unleashed a storm of demand for a new album of unreleased vocals from the beloved songbird, despite the firm stance from her family saying that no album was to be released anytime soon.

Shortly after Aaliyah’s brother Rashad commented on her facebook page, saying, “there is no official album being released and supported by the Haughton family,” a post surfaced asking fans directly for their opinion:

“Do you want an AALIYAH album? If so, Who should executive produce it or be featured on it? The Haughton Family would love to hear what her FANS have to say?”

And now (according to a source for the word is that “Enough Said” was released by Aaliyah’s label Blackground Records, which is owned by her uncle Barry Hankerson, and was not leaked by Drake. For those concerned with the amount of involvement Drake may have, though, reports that he’s only on “Enough Said,” and that “40” Sheib will produce most of the tracks.

And this should make many happy: Supposedly, Timbaland is on board to contribute two tracks to the project, which is still very much up in the air.

Keep your fingers crossed as this story unfolds…