Lucille Ghatti – High Grade

Chilling on the “We$tside” while listening to “OG Bluez”, has lead me to the sounds of California-bred soul singer Lucille Ghatti. Affectionately known as Lueghatti, she has returned with her second EP entitled, ‘High Grade.’

With production credits from The Highlights, Midtownpat, and Poly3ster Tha Saint, the album is a celestial body of art that pushes the magnitude to which you listen. After catching slack for her love of “greenery” and living the high life, she understands her mojo is an “acquired taste” as she wrote on her personal tumblr.

Noting Amy Winehouse and Parliament as influences, her sound is somewhere between the lovechild created by Kelis and Wiz Khalifa. Odd match huh?! Well, if you’re down to roll to an ethereal blend of melody and intrinsic lyric, give each joint on this EP a hit!


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