Ne Yo Says ‘RED’ Album Will Shut Mouths of Naysayers

Ne-Yo may be an award winning triple threat (songwriter/artist/actor), but that does not make him immune to “B.S.” According to the “Lazy Love” singer, a lot of people have negative things to say about his music and this next album, titled “R.E.D.,” will shut them up once and for all.
“I normally don’t do this. I’ve officially declared myself above the B.S. in regard to bloggers and people that say silly stuff on blogs. I need to get at some people directly,” Ne-Yo told Angie Martinez before saying someone questioned his authority on R&B saying he has “crossed over into this pop world” recently.
According to Ne-Yo, that statement was upsetting because R&B is home.
“That kind of upset me because what ya’ll don’t understand is that it was R&B that gave me the platform to even be able to do a song like “Let Me Love You,” to do a song like “Closer,” or a song like “Beautiful Monster,” says Ne-Yo.
Nonetheless, Ne-Yo says he knows where he came from.
“I know where I came from. I know that R&B is where it started at for me. When this new album comes out, it will shut the mouths of everybody who feels like I have crossed over.”
To be fair, Ne-Yo may have experimented with other sounds that may be considered “going pop,” but so have many others.
Ne-Yo’s “R.E.D.” album is due in stores this Fall.