Stacy Francis on Whitney Houston Altercation: “It Became a Misunderstanding”

X-Factor finalist Stacy Francis was an X-Factor fan favorite; her version of Prince’s “Purple Rain” gaining her many fans. But as she prepares for the release of her ballad-filled album, due out in August, questions still remain about what happened the night before Whitney Houston died. Stories surfaced claiming there was an exchange of words that led to a physical altercation, accompanied by the infamous picture of a disheveled Houston leaving the club afterwards.

But Francis wants to address her side of the story one more time. In August’s issue of Sister 2 Sister magazine, Francis clears some things up. “It was insinuated that I was stalking her, which was not true,” she explained. “I was there to sing, and we were cordial and talking the whole night.”

What provoked the incident, she says, is somewhat unclear to her, and may have stemmed from Houston’s misunderstanding of Ray J and Francis’ relationship. “I am an old family friend of Ray J’s and have known him for 15 years. Ray J came in and hugged me and it became a misunderstanding,” she recalled. “It’s so unfortunate because I love Whitney.”

And with that said, Francis wants to leave the incident in the past. “I don’t want to stir up her fans; we need to let her rest,” she said.