Christina Milian Blasts The Dream, Readies Swimwear

Christina Milian stopped just short of calling herself a single parent in a recent interview. Blasting Terius “The Dream” Nash (again) for his lack of parenting, not being their physically for their daughter Violet, Milian says “I’ve come to the realization that I have to be 150 to 200 percent mom for her.”
“All I care about is my daughter. When it comes to the case of parenting and having another parent, I really would like for her to have her father in her life,” says Milian. “I’m not really happy at the moment and I’m still not in the best place, but I’ve come to the realization that I have to be 150 to 200 per cent mom for her. And it’s not about finances, it’s about spending time.”
Milian went on to say she hopes to find a man that will love her daughter just as much as she does.
In related news, Milian will soon debut her very own line of swimwear.
“I’ve been designing. We’re getting ready to launch it at Mercedes Benz fashion week in July,” Milian confirmed. “July 20 I’m having my fashion show.”
Calling it another “baby,” Milian tells Jenny Boom Boom “I’m excited. It’s like my baby finally being born… another one.”