Former B2K Member Raz B Escapes Death

If Raz B had a fortune cookie, it would probably read: You will escape the grips of death. Sunday, the former B2K singer found himself in the hospital after falling though a glass door. He reportedly lost a dangerous amount of blood.

Mr. Raz claims he tripped and smashed in the sliding glass door and sliced smooth through his hand tearing through ligaments, nerves and tendons. Someone else in the room alerted the hotel staff and the ambulance was immediately called. He was sent to Huashan Hospital at Fudan University in Shanghai. Chinese doctors immediately went to work to repair the damaged wrist for about 5 hours.

While in the hospital he tweeted: “MAN…. Cherish life and your loved one’s. You just never know. THANK YOU LORD FOR SAVING MY LIFE.” The tweet was accompanied by a gruesome photo (see here).

Raz was released from the hospital Monday and seems to be in good spirits. However, fans will be disappointed to know that he had to cancel the rest of his tour.

(Raz…seriously. Stop tripping!)