Donna Summer’s Daughters Fighting over Fortune?

Sigh….it’s always a sticky situation whenever a loved one passes away and tension builds between the surviving members about divvying up the possessions and estate. Eurweb is reporting that two of Summer’s three daughters, Mimi, 39, and Brooklyn, 31, are battling it out to see who will get most of their deceased mother’s $75 million fortune.

The fact that the sisters have different fathers is most likely where the contention lies. Donna left the money to her husband Bruce Sudano, who is the father of her two youngest daughters Brooklyn, 31, and Amanda, 28.

A source tells the Enquirer, “Mimi thinks she should get the most because she is first born, but Brooklyn made it clear that she and her sister Amanda should get more.”

Donna didn’t make any provisions for her daughters, so people are telling Bruce to keep the money for himself, says the source, even though he’s willing to split the sum equally four ways.

Hopefully, the family will put aside the bickering in love and respect for their wife and mother whom they lost.