Janet Jackson Covers New Label Deal, Beauty With JET ?

Does Janet Jackson have a new label home ? The “Let’s Wait Awhile” singer may have signed with Universal if reports about her new album are true.

While we wait on official confirmation, Jackson goes into detail about her weight loss, staying fit, health and more in the July 9 issue of JET.
Just last year, Jackson released a book about her struggle with weight.
Titled “True You,” the best-selling book was a personal triumph and way for Jackson to connect with women and girls who have struggled with weight due to a variety of issues. 

“I would literally bang my head up against the wall because I didn’t feel attractive. There was a lot of pain in my life. But I did. I felt very unattractive,” Jackson admitted. “There was this picture of my sister, Rebbie. And I would always look at her picture and I thought, “Oh Gosh, she’s so beautiful. If I could only look like that when I get older. God, how gorgeous is she?” And I never ever felt attractive. And I still have issues with it. I don’t bang my head up against the wall, but I still have those moments. And I think it’ll probably continue but at least I know how to deal with it now. And I’m in a much better space.”
While Jackson has been on tour for much of the last few years, it has been a little while since we’ve heard new music from her. As widely reported, Janet Jackson departed Island Def Jam in 2008.