Rihanna Rounds Out Hackney Weekend, Its Biggest Live Event in Years (Video/Photos)

In front of a set design inspired by ancient Egypt, superstar Rihanna headlined BBC Radio 1’s Hackney Weekend at London’s Olympic Park with a performance complete with fireworks and a guest performance by Jay-Z. In front of 50,000 fans that included Beyonce, Jessie J, and rapper Tinie Tempah, the 24-year-old singer wrapped up a weekend of more than 100 artists who performed on a total of six stages. Jay-Z joined the starlet on stage to perform “Run This Town,” “Talk That Talk” and “Umbrella.”

Rihanna’s Egyptian-inspired set featured a pyramid-shaped video screen, a glittering Sphinx, scrolling hieroglyphics, and a golden throne sporting the star’s name.

Her performance began with up-tempo tracks “Disturbia,” “Only Girl in the World,” “S&M,” “and Birthday Cake.” She then surprised the crowd with Jay-Z’s encore appearance.

“You know Eminem?” she asked before performing “Love The Way You Lie.” “Well, he’s not here,” she replied to the crowd’s cheers.

Soon after though, the crowd was treated to an encore performance from Jay-Z on “Run This Town.” Only a day earlier did Jay-Z headline his own “Run This Town” performance with Rihanna as the guest performer. The duo then went into the 2007 hit “Umbrella” while the crowd waved umbrellas in the air.

Seemingly moved by the love received from the crowd, Rihanna exclaimed “Hackney. You guys are making this such a memorable show for me…they told me it was going to be crazy here today but I did not expect it to be like this.”

Fireworks accompanied her finale performance of “We Found Love.”

Rihanna’s 65-minute set rounded out this year’s Hackney Weekend Concert series, making it the event’s biggest live event in 44 years.

“Only Girl In The World”


“Where Have You Been”

“Love The Way You Lie Part II”

“Run This Town,” “Talk That Talk,” “Umbrella” and “We Found Love” f/ Jay-Z

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