Andrea Kelly Breaks Silence on R. Kelly Divorce, New Series

Did you know R. Kelly was married ? Andrea Kelly, star of VH1’s new series “Hollywood Exes,” claims a lot of people didn’t know.
In promoting the show this week, Kelly spoke of her relationship with the Grammy Award winning entertainer, their three children and the dark side of fame.
“Nobody goes into a marriage thinking let’s get a divorce. My family is broken. Those three children we had are out love. At the end of the day I lost my friend,” Kelly says of the divorce after talking about their close bond and friendship prior to dating and tying the knot. “It’s hard to deal with. I hope one day we’ll get back there.”
Feeling “in control” of her life now, admitting that she sort of lost her dream as years went by in their relationship, Andrea Kelly says “For ‘Drea to be a whole person I have to put me first.”
While she does not go into personal detail, Andrea Kelly warns youngsters vying for the spotlight that much comes with the word fame.
“Focus on what’s under the red carpet. Under there, there is pain, there’s gossip, there’s scrutiny, there’s times where you’ll have total access to everything and then you’re going to be totally shut out. You can’t get into this game broken. You cannot. It will destroy you,” Kelly warns.
As previously reported, Andrea Kelly will star alongside Nicole Murphy, Mayte Garcia, Sheree Fletcher and more on Hollywood Exes. The series follows women who have been connected, some by marriage, to some of entertainment’s most recognized men.
Watch Andrea Kelly’s exclusive pre-premiere introduction via VH1 below. Hollywood Exes premieres Wednesday, June 27 at 9pm on VH1.