Nina Sky Takes on June 2012 cover of BRAVE magazine

“Move Your Body” hitmaker Nina Sky covers the June 2012 issue of BRAVE Magazine. In their sit down, the duo opened up about their upcoming album ‘Nicole & Natalie,’ dealing with the struggles of the music business, the creative juices and more. Below is and excerpt from their site down:

“When we wrote our first album, we were young and having fun in our music. We didn’t have much life experience, and the content we wrote about was based on what we saw around us. This new album is based on our own life experiences in the past years. We’ve traveled the world and have dealt with both the business and creative aspects of this industry, We have a lot more to say and are way more involved in the entire process, you can definitely hear our growth on this record […] It’s been 9 years since our first album came out and we’re ready to show our evolution not only as artists but as young women.”

Visit on Thursday, May 10th to check out the entire interview and behind-the-scenes shoots.

Source: ConcreteLoop

PHOTO: Gavin Thomas for BRAVE

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