SWV Returns On Wendy Williams, Plus Taj Talks Divorce Rumors

SWV made a strong televised return on the Wendy Williams Show Tuesday.

Performing a mix of new and old, the Sisters With Voices rocked the stage with their new single “Cosign” and classic hit “Anything.”

Speaking with Wendy Williams after their anticipated performance, SWV explained just why they chose to comeback with a new album.

“It was just time. We didn’t really like what was going on with radio. It was just time for that timeless music,” said Lele.

While today was all about their new album, “I Missed Us,” Taj did address rumors about her marriage and the possibility of a divorce.

“I am happy to say we are very happily married,” Taj George told Wendy Williams.

SWV’s new album, “I Missed Us,” is available now.