Rihanna Teases “Where Have You Been” Video Promo Photo

The official countdown has started for Rihanna’s upcoming video for her single “Where Have You Been,” according to the star’s Facebook page. She just released a new promo shot of the video with the caption, “The countdown to ‘Where Have You Been’ is on..”

Speaking with Capital FM recently, Rihanna explained what the concept of the video entailed. “We wanted to use a lot of natural habitat,” she explained. “We built a stage but everything went back to either a little bit of tribal or different cultures, and all mixed in to nature somehow, and it was fun. [There is] some dancing. We had to dance because that song is just dance central. You can’t stop moving when you hear it.”

The infectious feel-good track is taken from RiRi’s latest album, ‘Talk That Talk.’

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