LaTavia Talks Housewives of Atlanta, Destiny Without Mathew Knowles

If you watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta you’ll remember LaTavia Roberson, former member of Destiny’s Child, appeared in a scene with Phaedra Parks not too long ago. According to Roberson, that scene was to lead to a several episode spots she says fell through.

“For whatever reason that did not happen,” Roberson told Kempire Radio over the weekend. “There’s not really much more I can say about why I didn’t come back on ‘Housewives’. I was supposed to. I guess it wasn’t in God’s plan.”

While Roberson is working on a solo project, re-emerging last week with a photoshoot and interview, she is not surprised that Beyonce and her former manager/father Mathew Knowles have parted ways. Clearing up a past statement about her relationship with Mathew Knowles and how Destiny’s Child might still be together if it weren’t for him, Roberson says “things just didn’t seem right” on a business, not personal, level.

“It’s not about me disliking things about him as a person. It’s about things that started to surface. Things we started to notice. Things that didn’t seem right. We just started to pay attention to things. I definitely believe that he was a strong influence as far as how Kelly and Beyonce felt at that time,” LaTavia tells K Empire. “We were supposed to be able to sit down and speak. At least that’s what LeToya and myself were told. Before we knew it, we were looking at the “Say My Name” video on TV and that (meeting) never happened.”

Nonetheless, LaTavia is back and focused on her own destiny. Listen to parts of her interview with K Empire Radio here and check out the behind the scenes of her latest photoshoot shot by celebrity photographer Corey S. Guevarra below.