Jhene Aiko Speaks on Debut Album, Refuses to Conform

Since announcing her signing to Def Jam under producer No I.D., Jhene Aiko has been staying busy doing shows and recording for her upcoming debut album. While at the 2012 Gearfest Fashion Show & Concert in USC, Jhene spoke with The Well Versed about the current progress of the upcoming album, and how she maintains that she has no interest in disappointing her fans in the least bit.

Though she declined to name any sort of date, Jhene did reassure fans that she is hoping to release the project soon, and that she has been working on it everyday. And after the success of her mixtape ‘Sailing Souls‘, some fans worried about whether her sound would change since she is now signed under a label. Jhene, however, makes it clear that she would rather disappoint the label heads than to conform to industry trends and leave her fans unsatisfied.

Jhene also explains why she constantly talks about the importance of spirituality, and how big of a factor it plays in her lifestyle. Check out the clip below to get an update from Jhene herself!