Tank fights For Love With Savior, Kicks Off Couple’s Retreat Tour

If no one else is fighting for love in music today, Tank is. According to the “Next Breath” singer, people don’t fight to preserve relationships today. Taking that into consideration with his forthcoming album, “Savior,” Tank hopes to show men being in love and taking care of your woman is an obligation not an option.

“The album is reintroducing the idea of men being everything they should be to women and women getting back to the point where they expect those things,” Tank said in a recent interview. “We’ve gotten away from fighting for our relationships and for men digging deep into their souls to make a woman happy.”

Due for release this Spring, Tank’s “Savior” album follows the 2010 effort “Now Or Never” and singles like “Emergency” and “Celebration”.

“We have to show being in love and taking care of your woman is doing what you were created to do,” he says. “It gives men that example and let’s women know that there are men that have not lost sight of that. There is a man, although he may not be a perfect, he may be perfect for you. That’s what relationships are all about, getting back to family and love.”

Supporting the forthcoming album, Tank embarks on an 8-city tour today, February 10. Kicking off in Raleigh, NC, the tour has been dubbed “The Couple’s Retreat Tour”.

See dates below:

2/10 Raleigh, NC Club Taboo
2/11 Killeen, TX Killeen Auditorium
2/13 New York, NY Blue Note
2/14 Washington, D.C. Opera Lounge
2/15 Philadelphia, PA (Private)
2/16 Tampa, FL Boomerang Martini Bar
2/17 Atlanta, GA Club Bella
2/18 Dallas, TX Palladium Cabaret

“Savior,” the album, is due late-Spring.