Peter Hadar vs. Mathematics – 2 Seconds From Being Committed

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Singer/songwriter Peter Hadar & drum n bass duo Mathematics have released their long awaited album ‘2 Seconds From Being Committed’ as a Free download on Bandcamp. The compilation is of 9 songs initiated when Hadar & his longtime producer Mike Genato first started working together in 2003 and took about 4 years to complete. The project was designed to take the best of Peter’s rich vocals and marry it with their infectious drum n bass beats; something that was rarely done within the genre.

Well before its time and still in it’s own stratosphere, the album’s debut was repeatedly set then delayed, until they finally decided to release it now amongst the current progression of alternative music. About half of the songs have long been worked into Hadar’s live repertoire, but now the full experience is available for public consumption!

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