HerStory – Every Girl Has A Story EP

Paving the way for their debut album, up and coming group HerStory releases the “Every Girl Has A Story” EP, which features “At Night,” “Mack’n” and “Jack Dat Body.” The set was produced By Dem Jointz Corian Jackson and Earl “EB” Johnson.

About HerStory

Young. Fresh. Energetic. From the Supremes to Destiny’s Child, the R&B girl group has solidified its place in music. It’s time to welcome the future.

Meet the girls of HerStory: Marissa, Miriah and Asia – three young women from Los Angeles with a story to tell, and the voices to carry out their tale.

In 2008 their paths merged when Marissa, 19, Miriah, 18, and Asia, 20, met during a private audition in Los Angeles. Though coming from diverse backgrounds, including musical theatre and professional dance, the girls developed a close bond through the audition process, resulting in a stunning musical partnership.

The trio joined forces to form the group HerStory , a unique play on words for “her story” and “history”; exemplifying their collective goal to carve out their own musical niche while staying true to their learned musical roots. Individually gifted, Marissa, Miriah and Asia, are markedly talented as a group in both song and dance. They gained an initial following via their YouTube & MySpace page, which featured videos of the girls singing popular R&B ballads in crisp 3-part harmonies. Over slick vocals and clear melodies, these a cappella clips showcased the group’s innate vocal ability. The group cites a variety of influences spanning musical genres and generations – from Karen Carpenter to Beyoncé.

HerStory captures the true essence of three girls, with limitless musical potential, coming into their own as they enter womanhood–something to which the group expects both younger and older women alike can relate. These are three ladies truly ready to create their own musical narrative. It’s time we listen up.


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