Love Don’t Cost A Thing: Recession Dating 101

Of course because of the recession, we’re trying to watch what we spend. We’re using coupons, taking advantage of freebies and trying to get discounts where ever we can get them. However, we are human, so we’re hardly trying to sacrifice our dating lives. So then the question becomes: How do I go on dates without breaking the bank? Dating doesn’t have to be this overwhelming, expensive experience we read about in books and see in the movies. You’ll be surprised to find out that the cheapest dates are the most fun.

Embrace Your City
There are so many places to go and things to see in the city you live in. You’d be surprised to find out about how many places you haven’t been, even though you live nearby. Have you been to the well known site downtown? Or what about walking around looking at vintage stores or historic houses? Do some research – per Google – and find out what you didn’t know about your city. You’ll be surprised. And if you really like the person, it makes for great conversation. Many of the city’s attractions are free. It’s really impressive when you can show somebody something new. So grab your date and make the city your playground.

Season’s Greetings
Sure, it’s not Christmas, but capitalize on the season that you’re in. If it’s summer, then go to the pool or take it to the beach and relax. Or even take advantage of one of the free concerts they’re having (there’s a ton of them in the summer!) If it’s winter time go ice skating at the neighborhood or even have the nerve to go sledding and build a snow man. Have a good time. In the springtime you can take a hike. It’s a great way to get some exercise in, talk to your date and save money. Find out what your date enjoys and cater to it with the season. Enjoy the outdoors…and your date.

Park It
Most parks anywhere are absolutely free. The best part is there’s so many of them and you can do so many different things. You can have a picnic and bring food from your own house instead of buying it. You can ride bikes, walk the trail or even have a group date to play volleyball or football. People love games – always have and always will. Ladies, this is a great suggestion to your guy if you know he’s trying to watch his pockets. Feel free to pleasantly surprise him.

Milk Your Resources
We all know somebody, who knows somebody who works at this club or manages this store. If you know people in high places, this is the time to utilize them. If you know you can get discounted tickets for a show, jump on it. Been saving that “buy one get one free” movie ticket coupon, use it. If your cousin’s best friend’s dad knows the owner of a restaurant, see if he can get a free dinner. The worst they he can say is “no.” But you’ll be surprised to find out how many people are willing to help if you just ask. Sometimes we don’t give ourselves enough credit and we know a lot more people than we think.

Stay In
This may sound strange, but you could actually stay in and have a good time. RedBox a movie (for only a dollar!) and have an action movie night. If you know how to cook, impress your date with your best dish. Neither one of you can cook? Attempt to cook together. It may not come out perfect but it’ll be an experience you can share together.

That’s the thing about dating. It’s about the person. Not the money.

Tell us: What was your cheapest fun date?

—— By: Mattie James


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