Black Women Can’t Find Husbands!

It appears that black women in America have been ostracized from what other races in this country don’t seem to have an issue with; marriage!

With the dawn of active femininity and cries for equality across the board, women, not just black women, have achieved and accomplished tons of accolades worth acclaim. In this pursuit, however, men, who once felt that they were the bread-winners and providers, have been forced to see women on their level. A degree of emasculation inadvertently occurred.

The honest truth is that women, in terms of wit and general intelligence, are just more gifted than men. There are more women that are average than men, in the bell curve of intelligence. More men lie to the top and bottom, from left to right, on the bell curve, which means there are more male geniuses then women, but far and in between, so much so that it’s not worth mentioning and even more males with intelligence that is wanting, where many men suffer from dyslexia, ADD, and many more ailments that impede intelligence.

So women are just better at most things fellas! The paradox of why they can’t find proper suitors is no paradox at all.

Many black men grow up without a proper male figure and lose a piece of lineage that prepares them for manhood, a process that teaches black men to be individuals that can provide for their women in other ways beyond economical means and more in the realm of mind, body, and soul.

Women got it locked fellas. We need to respect them and stop feeling insecure. Step up to the plate and hit a home-run!

On the flip side, women, if you see potential in a man, it wouldn’t necessarily be a waste of time to groom them and elevate them to their inevitable majesty!

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