Rihanna Talks Nerves, London Gone Worldwide Concert

Rihanna is amped up for a show that will not only allow to her perform songs from “Rated R” for the first time, but for a worldwide audience via Nokia. “It’s a live stream worldwide, which means everyone can watch it at the same time all over the world, live, all at once, which is exciting,” Rihanna confirmed earlier this week. While the prospect of getting back on stage as a solo act (after sharing the stage with Jay Z and Kanye West earlier this year) is exciting, Rihanna admits the forthcoming gig in London is making her nervous. “It makes me nervous, because it’s not just the 6,000 people in the venue, its millions of people across the world watching it all at once. It’s exciting though; it’s a big thing that everyone can see it.” As previously reported, Rihanna’s show at an undisclosed location in London will be streamed worldwide, making it one of the biggest online streaming events in history November 16. For more information and to sign up for your Nokia Music account visit nokia.com/rihanna


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