Kristinia DeBarge on Summer, Fashion and Boys

She hit the scene with the single “Goodbye” and has since become the latest act to join Britney Spears for an anticipated North American tour this fall. Luckily for us, Kristinia DeBarge had a chance to sit down with Singersroom and talk about everything from summer essentials to fashion and dating just before shooting the video for her next single “Sabotage”.

Singersroom: Things are heating up this summer. What is essential for you when it comes down to staying fresh over these next few months ?

Kristinia DeBarge: I have to say deodorant, mascara and shorts.

Singersroom: In the video for “Goodbye” you sort of mixed things up style wise. Are there any designers that you keep your eye on in particular ?

Kristinia DeBarge: I’m a fan of Ellie shoes. I really love their shoes. I also like Marc Jacobs and I like a lot of simple stuff. Gucci, Prada those are just a couple names. There’s lots more that I have in my closet but, I just don’t know the names off hand.

Singersroom: When it comes to apparel, does comfort outweigh an exceptional dress or swimsuit ?

Kristinia DeBarge: I definitely would rather be comfortable but if it’s a really, really cute dress or really cute shoes I’ll just risk being comfortable and go with being cute because I love the outfit or the shoes that much.

Later on I’ll soak my feet in water or Epsom salt and that takes care of that. It’s like… “it may hurt but those shoes are hot”.

Singersroom: Let’s say you’re at a beach or pool party, what is the best way for a guy to introduce himself ?

Kristinia DeBarge: I would say you have to be casual. I’m one of those people who doesn’t really get excited right away even if I’m at a party, dinner, family gathering or barbecue. I definitely have to see you again… I wouldn’t just see you right away. If I did see you again then it’s like okay, then maybe you’d get my number.

Singersroom: On the flip side, what is an absolute turn off ?

Kristinia DeBarge: A big turn off for me is when a person has your number and is constantly texting and calling you and they’re just kind of coming on too strong. That’s a turn off for me.

“Exposed,” Kristina DeBarge’s debut album, arrives in stores and digital retailers July 28.

—— By: Njai Joszor


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