When Cougars Attack

Cougars have been spotted prowling city streets and lurking throughout the tranquil suburbs. They have been featured on reality shows (The Real Housewives of Atlanta) and in blockbuster movies (Sex in the City). These cougars are experienced enough to take down their prey, no matter how strong, nimble, or youthful. They are expert hunters. They dwell in lavish boutiques, beautiful salons, cruise in drop-top BMW coops, in the office dressed in beautifully fitted skirts, gracefully sprinting around tracks or parading their precious caboodles in the park. They are trendy, sexy, confident and intelligent and come in all shapes and sizes. Despite their beauty cougars are dangerous!

Where did the term cougar come from?

The “cougars” are mature women over 40. Cougars, other wise known also as the puma, mountain lion, and/or catamount usually live on their own in dens and only join with the opposite sex to mate. Cougars are also fierce hunters and are capable of mating multiple times throughout the year. Like this creature the “cougar” stereotypically has divorced her husband and lives alone in her “den.” They both have intense sex drives and are always hunting for prey (younger men). The term refers to the similarity to the behavior of the older women and that of the cougar in the wild.

One of my close friends from college was having problems with her boyfriend. She suspected him of cheating and I guess I was the shoulder to lean on. You know the typical my man is messing up story. However, the twist was she had been suspicious of him cheating with an older women (cougar attack). The woman was in her late forties and the boyfriend was in his late twenties. She started by asking me questions like:

“Do you think she looks better than me?”

“Do you think he’s with her for her money?”

“Do you think it was because of something I did?”

I usually would start by saying, “I’m going to tell you the truth so do you really want me to answer this question?”

She said, “Yes!”

So I proceeded to answer all of her questions.

“One, I think you’re beautiful …but she is gorgeous. And she has hazel eyes you can’t really lose with hazel eyes.”

“Two, hell yeah I think he’s with her for her money; he lives with his mother that’s a step up!!!”

“And I think you can answer the last question better than me. But it’s not what you did but probably what you didn’t do. Did you cater to him the way he wanted you to?” (Not saying he deserved it or was a good boyfriend)

She said,” well he did complain about me not meeting him half way and me not catering to him like cooking and stuff.”

“Well there you have it. “

Sex in the CityPeople say if you don’t do it someone else will and that goes for men and women. Never think you’re too good to be dumped. In this case the other person was an experienced woman who knew what she wanted to do and how to go about doing it. It’s a wack concept when you think about it but it’s the nature of the beast…it’s like a competition.

It’s just the way it is so may the best woman or man win. I never really thought about the differences between younger women and older women. I guess my friend happened to be a victim of a cougar attack but it can go the other way around also. (Beware of the almighty sugar daddy.)

Lesson to be learned is make sure you bring you’re A game from start to finish. Don’t start something you will not continue. Ladies if you did those little things at the beginning to get your man, that’s how you will keep him. Also make sure you add some tricks along the way. There is nothing wrong with a little spice. Men like to feel special too. Gentlemen make sure to do those little and big things that she was first attracted to. It could have been something simple as having a real conversation while in bed with the lights cut off, getting a teddy bear she likes just because, or writing a poem; It doesn’t have to be a holiday.

However, the differences between older women and younger women seem to be alarming. They both have different outlooks on men and relationships because they shared different experiences. It’s not as if one is better than the other but they are coming from two different worlds.

Can you blame a younger man for being attracted to an older woman or an older women being drawn to a younger man. I think it would be unfair to say no especially when they are both consenting adults. Maybe that’s the perfect combination. It seemed to be for my friend’s ex-boyfriend (lol ) because he is still with the cougar and my friend is still asking herself the same silly questions.


1. Get that man young & impressionable but don’t underestimate him because of his age.

2. Take care of him. (Do the little things younger women neglect to do… like cooking. And don’t be scared to buy a gift here and there. )

3. Share your experiences. (sharing is caring lol)

4. Be confident (Don’t be ashamed of your age) and independent. (That’s why he likes you)

5. Be sexy but sophisticated (Dress your age he knows your older. Show it off!)

6. Show your maturity, sexually, emotionally, and spiritually. (Give him that balance you’ve been perfecting all these years or at least fake it.)

7. Be decisive tell him what you want and when you want it …you’re the boss. (Just make him feel like he’s the boss… Jedi mind trick.)

8. Be open to new experiences like snorkeling or rock climbing. That’s why you’re with a younger man.)

9. Don’t worry about fitting in with his peers. (He probably thinks your way cooler anyway.)

10. Let him have the opportunity to pay for things once in a while. (A man wants to feel like a man. That’s like taking away a tigers strips.)

I guess its safe to say this article is twofold on one hand it’s about cougars being strong, independent, beautiful and free enough to make their own decisions and on the other hand it’s about protecting your home from predators that know how to hunt (cougars). Or maybe it’s about the decision to choose youth and your own path of happiness. If old Hugh Hefner can date younger women why shouldn’t mature women be able to dibble and dabble? Is a younger man and older women still an issue or have we been able to pass this social taboo?

Oh yeah… does it bother or threaten you younger women? (These cougars are taking all of your men. lol) —— By: Deyior


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