2 08, 2018

Houston Songstress Coline Creuzot Teams With Paul Wall For “Link Up”

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Houstonian heiress Coline Creuzot releases the brand new song "Link Up," featuring rapper Paul Wall, under her Indie label Creuzot entertainment. The song was written by Dallas Blocker, known for working with Rick Ross and Bun B, and produced by newcomer Jay Sounds. "Link Up" serves as an ode to independent millennial women. It's an up-tempo, head bobbin' ladies anthem where Coline [Read More]

4 01, 2018

Coline Creuzot Chooses Love With New Single, “You Give”

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Houston, Texas R&B artist Coline Creuzot kicks off 2018 with the new single, "You Give," produced by Grammy-nominated producer M16. On the sultry and blissful song, the singer/songwriter combines glowing lyrics with heartstrings pulling melodies to align with her welcoming vocals and love experience. "Like a match made in heaven, I'll be the three to your seven," Coline emotional delivers. [Read More]

20 10, 2017

PREMIERE: Coline Creuzot Celebrates The “High Life” in New Video

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Houston songstress Coline Creuzot soaks up the "High Life" in her passionate new music video for her sultry single. In the clip, the R&B beauty and her male co-star celebrate their love, which she says "comes naturally,' by hitting the road in a classic drop top and getting grown and sexy to party with friends.

10 06, 2016

Sony Singer-Songwriter Coline Creuzot Talks Musical Inspirations, New Single ‘Show Me’, More

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Sony/ATV singer-songwriter Coline Creuzot dropped her own solo singles "You Tried It", "Acapella Now," and more recently, "Truth Is", "Show Me" and "Numb" from her forthcoming EP Timeless. The Texas-raised artist recently chatted with SR writer Keyona Butler for a quick Q&A.

9 05, 2016

R&B Songstress Coline Creuzot Shows Musical Range With Arrival of Two New Singles, ‘Show Me’ and ‘Numb”

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Coline Creuzot drops a set of tunes called "Show Me" and "Numb” from her upcoming EP Timeless. "Show Me" is an upbeat, playful track co-written by Sam Hook, and "Numb" is a laid-back, smooth ballad.

9 03, 2016

Sony ATV Songwriter Coline Creuzot Offers Insight On Writing a Hit Song

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R&B songstress and Sony ATV songwriter Coline Creuzot effortlessly pens heartfelt lyrics with a nostalgic blend of '90s hip-hop and R&B. Her experience in the industry as afforded her valuable lessons. Now she offers five pointers for writing a song that captivates listeners, record labels, and publishers. Get your pencils out and takes notes!

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